Non Personalized Search

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SEO Definition: Search results from Google or other search engines that do not customize their results page based on usage information.

SEO Explanation:

Non Personalized Search is an important metric for SEO Strategists because it shows the regular search results that most people see on their computers. When determining ranking changes, it is important to have the same settings in your web browser. Without non personalized search people will see local results, social plus one results and other search history customization.

personalized search on google

Search can be personalized via 1. your Google ID 2. Your geography 3. Search history customization

It is true that even with non personalized search, different server clusters from Google are known to show different results. However, this is the best setting for SEO’ers to determine an accurate enough ranking statistic for measuring performance.

To setup Non Personalized Search for Chrome:

  1. Click on “Tools”, go to “Settings”
  2. “Manage Search Engines”
  3. Scroll to the end of “other search engines”
  4. Add the following fields:
    • Name: Google NP
    • Keyword: gnp
    • URL:

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